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  • iOULUO
    About Us


    For high-altitude cleaning
    Robot is the first choice

    IOULUO (Hangzhou IOULUO Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Formerly known as R-Storm) Founded in Boston, USA in 2016, its aerial products have already been sold to over 20 countries such as Japan, the United States, South Korea, and have received widely praised upon their market entry. After returning to China in 2018, the product quality has undergone 6 years of market precipitation and has successively reached long-term strategic cooperative relations with the government, large energy enterprises and well-known construction groups.

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    The wisdom of science and technology
    Light up the world

    Since its inception, Ioulo Robot has adhered to the mission of making "exciting and technologically leading" good products, injecting the values of "integrity, love, transcendence, and win-win" into the enterprise's blood, and is committed to becoming an international, innovative, and platform oriented robot leader.

    The iouluo robot delves into consumer work scenarios, experiencing and discovering actual cleaning needs. The use of cutting-edge global science and technology, high-quality raw materials, and exclusive customized services makes working at heights no longer dangerous.

    Enterprise advantage

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      iOULUO’s robots implement the global planning system, involving many professional technical fields, including but not limited to materials science, bionics, fluid mechanics, learning and visual recognition systems.

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      Since 2017, iOULUO has won the most potential technology award recognized by the state, the gold award of “BOILL 100 “ Entrepreneurship Competition and the" major project "award of Hangzhou.

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      Since its establishment, iOULUO has been recruiting talents, and its core members are mainly from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National University of Singapore, and Northeastern University.

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      iOULUO adheres to the "integrity, love, beyond, win-win" as the core values, to provide "professional, sincere, quality, efficient" after-sales service for global users.

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